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Mental illness can affect anyone, but it is more openly talked about in some sections of society than others. For many, they sit silently in the face of adversity. This has to change. For people to talk about it and get help, we need to work to find a common language and understanding. If it isn’t recognised, it is as if it doesn’t exist. People pretend they are OK; family and friends turn a blind eye; nothing happens until it is often too late. 

Everyone Hurts was established to encourage this understanding through open conversations about our shared experiences with mental illness. We organise not-for-profit events that support this vision and aim to raise money for support services so people can get access to the help they need, when they find the courage to ask for it.


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A not-for-profit music festival about mental health, finding hope and choosing life.

"What you have created from a really painful experience is incredibly powerful - for your community, for our work & from a personal level, it means so much that people are so brave with these conversations, having lived through the experience of severe mental illness & distress, it means so much to see people legitimising these experiences & empowering their communities" 

- The Mental Health Foundation NZ 


I’m no longer afraid of the dark. I am afraid of not finding the light. 


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